MEHAR; Mental and Emotional Health Awareness Renaissance: Our story

MEHAR is a registered nonprofit organization. MEHAR was founded by a group of community members who believed in nurturing the connection between art and wellbeing and utilizing the power of art in promoting awareness around mental, emotional and social wellbeing. The core belief of MEHAR is that art has the power not just to heal but, also to provoke, challenge, empower and stimulate our mind. We recognize the fact that there is discomfort, shame and stigma around acknowledging the existence of mental disorders and emotional issues that have a profound impact on recovery, healing journeys and overall quality of life.

MEHAR was officially launched as a Nonprofit Organization on January 20, 2018. The launch was attended by about 200 people who joined us to demonstrate their solidarity towards the need for such an initiative of connecting art with our well-being. Since the
inception, MEHAR continued to produce and create unique art projects in the form of skits, theatre, story-telling, creative writing, films and poetry which focused on engaging our community in artistic activities and learning about our mental and
emotional well-being. Through all such forms of art, we not only aim at providing the experience of artistic activities but also promote awareness around the issues that deeply impact our mental and physical health.

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A documentary film by MEHAR