MEHAR (Mental and Emotional Health Awareness Renaissance) is a non-profit initiative founded by a committed group of individuals who are passionate about creating and increasing awareness around mental and emotional health through art.

The MEHAR team includes individuals who are successful professionals in their respective fields and have sensitivity towards the huge need to address the issue of stigma and the lack of awareness around common as well as complex mental and emotional health conditions. MEHAR will attempt to address this issue by utilizing immense power of different forms of art.

MEHAR- Mental and Emotional Health Awareness Renaissance was officially launched as a Nonprofit Organization on January 20, 2018. It was attended by around 200 people who joined us to demonstrate their sensitivity towards the need for such an initiative. Our heartfelt thanks to friends and supporters who inspired us and encouraged us through their generous contribution and donations to MEHAR.

MEHAR was successful in achieving the objective of spreading awareness around mental and emotional health by using a powerful medium of art in the form of theatre performance, “I Am Still Me”. This theatre performance is written and produced by Rekha Vaishnav with the sole purpose of creating awareness around 3 important mental health conditions that deeply impact the lives of individuals and their families. It was clearly evident that the phenomenal performance by the artistic team of “I Am Still Me” stimulated the minds of the audience. The panel discussion followed by the theatre performance was able to engage the audience and increase their understanding of the 3 important mental health conditions.

MEHAR truly appreciates the contribution of panel members Dr. Nalini Pandalangat, Dr. Pushpa and Eva Vassallo who shared their knowledge experience and expertise in community mental health. MEHAR also appreciates the contribution of Jake Dhir who volunteered to MC the launch and offered his time to MEHAR. Gurpreet Malhotra, CEO of Indus Community Services was the guest of honor and was a true resource to know significant facts about mental health in South Asian Community.