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Mehar - Mincd Over Melodiesvj.1

Since the official launch on January 20, 2018, MEHAR has organized two events of their first theatre production, “I Am Still Me” and received a tremendous response from the community.

As there is a huge need to continue such educational events in the form of theatre, music and other art forms, MEHAR has organized a fund-raising musical concert: Melodies Over Mind on May 6, 2018. We count on your support in this noble initiative. You can be a part of this unique cause and contribute to our community.

We will truly appreciate your support in the form of your presence at this fundraising concert. Your support in the form of donations or sponsorships will make a huge difference in our ability to achieve our goal of promoting mental and emotional well-being our community .

Please contact MEHAR board members for more details .

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